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Welcome to Pick My Class Canada.  As some may know,  Pick My Class (“PMC”) is a brand new Canadian charity that has been created in Toronto, Ontario.  We are an education based charity with a simple vision:

…a school system where all classrooms have the appropriate resources needed to provide an optimal learning environment for students…

Ok – maybe it’s not as simple as we thought, but we have a few ideas of how to get to that point!  What is it you may ask?  Well, our team is in the process of raising funds so we can create an unbelievable website.  Public school teachers will be able to log onto the website and post a proposal for something they want to bring to their classroom.  Options are endless…supplies, books, equipment, and beyond.  Anything that will allow the teachers to enhance their student’s learning experience.

PMC will ensure the teachers are in fact teachers.  Then, we will post their proposals on our website for all of you to see.  From there, you will be able to browse anything that interests or inspires you, and hopefully, donate towards the great cause.  You will be able to donate anywhere from $1 up to the full amount of the project.  For example, my mother works with many autistic children in the elementary school system.  She told me that she would likely donate towards a proposal put forward by a teacher who is trying to enhance her classroom experience for her students with special needs.

Once enough funds are obtained, PMC will purchase the products through our supplier network and send the items to the classrooms.  From there, the students will be able to enjoy the products that you so generously made possible for them to have. After that, we’ll send you a breakdown of where your donation was allocated to.  No secrets here.  We know you want your full donation to go towards the classrooms, and we will ensure of this.

It’s pretty simple, yet can really create a positive impact in our communities.  We want to start in the Greater Toronto Area, and ideally, expand throughout Canada!  Ambitious, but attainable.

We have posted a ‘Donation’ button on this site – click here.  By clicking the button, you will be directed to a Paypal page where you can donate towards our website’s development.  Your complete donation is tax-deductible, and we will send you a tax receipt via email!  A win-win for everyone involved.  Alternatively, we have posted our head office’s address where you can send us a cheque made out to ‘Pick My Class Canada’ if you would like to contribute.

I welcome you along for the ride as we raise funds, create the website, launch, and just about everything in between.  I thank you for your support in advance – even if its just a pat on the back.  Everything counts.

I’m excited to be leading such an initiative, and even more excited to see what the future holds.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Spinner
Founder, Pick My Class Canada

(CRA #83326 5119 RR 0001)


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